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Software development is the method of computer programming, documenting, testing related in forming and keeping applications and frameworks involved in a software release life cycle and turn out in a software product. Writing and maintaining the source code is a process of software development. Software development works under the predefined conditions, is strong and secure, performs within the specified framework. And it achieves all this with optimal efficiency and use of available resources.

Software can be developed for a difference of purposes. It can be custom software (specific needs of a specific client/business), commercial or open source software (requirements of some set of potential user), or for personal use (e.g. a doctor may write software to automate a carnal task)

There are many stages to software project management, known as software development life cycle [SDLC] models.

Basic steps of software development
  1. Requirement analysis
  2. Design
  3. Implementation
  4. Testing
  5. Evolution and maintenance

Requirements analysis: Requirements analysis is the process of determining user expectations for a new or modified product. In software technology, such requirements are often called functional specifications. Requirements analysis is an important aspect of software development.

Design: In software development design stage starts with approved requirements as its primary input. Each requirement or requirement set creates element of design And design elements describe the software functions and features in detail.

Implementation: During the implementation in software development the project team creates the authentic product. Product implementation can be an exciting phase for the customer, because their requirement for the project becomes something tactile. Program developers begin building and coding the software.

Testing: Software Testing is amends of the software against requirements collected from users and system instructions. Testing constructs of Validation and Verification of software.

Software validation
  • Validation of software testing assures the product under development is according to user requirements.
  • Validation answers the question – “Are we developing the product which attempts all that user needs from this software?”
  • It strengthens on user requirements.
 Software verification
  • It assures that the product under development is as per the design specifications.
  • Verification answers the question– “Are we developing this product by firmly following all design specifications?”Software Development DevsZone
  • Verification’s condense on the design and system instructions.Its of the test are error, fault and failure detection.


Evolution and maintenance:  Software evolution is the term, it is uses in software development to refer to the process of developing software initially, then recurrently updating it for several reasons. Maintenance of software is the modification of a software product after delivery to fixed faults, to improve performance or other characteristic.

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