School Transportation Management System in BIDYAN

School Transportation Management System in BIDYAN

School Transportation Management System in BIDYAN

School transportation system is an obvious facility for urban area schools, colleges or any other educational institutions. Those people who live in the urban area don’t worry about the money. All they need is just safety of their children. Every parent loves their children most. Every parent can give their everything to their lovely children. Becuase they love them so much.

BIDYAN team think that School transportation system should be more flexible and safe. Parents have right to know that where is their children now. BIDYAN respect the feelings. Every parent concern about children. In BIDYAN there is transportation management system. In urban area mainly use the school bus transportation system. BIDYAN give you the facility that you can set up a GPRS device on the school bus. The device should be enabled otherwise it won’t work. The GPRS device continuously sends the location update to the system. Parent has a panel in the School Management System. They just need to enter the panel and click on the location tracking option.

The system will show the real-time update of the bus. It is really a cool feature of BIDYAN. It gives full facility to track the location of the school bus. The parent can understand that where is their children school bus right now. So, parents are tension free now. Nothing to worry about his or her children where is right now. For this feature, many clients appreciate BIDYAN. This creates a huge impact their daily life. Now they can do their work without any tension.

The world is going too fast. it’s our responsibility to walk through the trend. For this DevsZone – Leading Software Company Bangladesh working hard. They are bringing some special software which makes peoples life so easier. The software gives full facility to the people.

School Transportation Management System in BIDYAN

Freelancing Training Dhaka By DevsZone

Freelancing Training Dhaka

Freelancing Training Dhaka to whole Bangladesh

DevsZone provides Freelancing Training Dhaka to whole Bangladeshi students or employees who want to be a freelancer.

What is freelancing?

The freelancer worker a word is commonly used for an individual who is self-employed not necessarily to commit a particular owner long-term. Freelancer worker is represented by a temporary agency that resells freelancer employee to clients. Others work websites to get work.

How to Benefits of freelancing work?

Freelancing has different of reasons for a freelancer, perceived benefits differ by male or female or others gender, lifestyle, organization, company. 2012 Freelance Organization Report they reported that male and female freelance for the different thought. Male survey respondents indicated they freelance to follow personal passions and Female survey respondents reported that they prefer the scheduling flexibility and freedom that freelancing payment. The Freelancing also enables the community to get higher levels of job in various communities. The freelancers can choice best facility as a benefit.

Here some advantage and disadvantage of a freelancing job

Advantages of Freelancing job:

Anytime to start Work: You can start work anytime. Just find your online buyer. You just build your Profile for a demo and find a buyer from up-work, freelancer, fiver etc.

The freelancer can choose own time: You can choose Work when and where you want to work.

Choose buyer work: You may take any buyer who wants work with you. you can select not to accept on difficult clients.

Disadvantages for Freelancing job:

Your work can be irregular: Some freelancers expertise a tide and flow in their work. Freelancer needs to plan for free times. Ready to work very difficult complete work on-time.

If you want to be a great freelance you need training. Bangladesh has many freelancing institutes. DevsZone provides Freelancing Training Dhaka with 100% students satisfaction. DevsZone provides unlimited student support.

Freelancing Training Dhaka By DevsZone

Free School Websites with Education Management System

Free School Websites with Education Management System

Free School Websites with BIDYAN – Education Management System

“Free School Websites with Education Management System” – is it really possible? For your kind information yes it is available with BIDYAN. Most of the schools are create their school website with a big amount of money. It is a quite a big Bardon to the schools. They need to pay more to the developers for creating the website. Usually, Development Company charges $700-$1000 for a school website. Every school, college or educational institution needs a website. A website can expand their business. With a website, everyone can check their activities. People can get some idea of their business or quality. Also, people can check their portfolio to get some idea of the previous achievements.

A school website is so much important. Every year many students get admitted to a school. Many students achieve many prizes in many sections. Although every year school get a great success in Secondary School Certificate (SSC) exam. it is a huge achievement for schools. It any college use BIDYAN then the college or school or any educational institution want to show up their success. There is only one effective way which is the website. With a website, they can give update their achievements or information. If any school doesn’t have any website then parents of other people need to go to the school to get the information. But for the help of website no one need to visit the school. They can check their updates at their website.

So, it’s a great opportunity for the school, colleges or other educational institutions that they can get the top class education management system and they will Free School Websites or a website which can they use for their institutions. it is really great offer. Everyone should grab their chance. Leading Software Company of Bangladesh DevsZone is giving this chance with their education software BIDYAN.

Free School Websites with Education Management System

Online School Payments System in BIDYAN

Online School Payments System in BIDYAN
Female keyboard computer desk fingers

Online School Payments System in BIDYAN

Online School Payments is the most challenging part of School Management System. We are now living in a smart age. Now doing everything is more flexible and more reliable. Every month parents need to pay tuition fees. Some school take it annually. Once in a year. They pay the whole year tuition fee once. But most of the peoples are pay the tuition fee monthly basis. So, it’s quite difficult for them to pay the tuition fees monthly in the school. Most of the parents remain busy in their own work. Hardly they get time to visit the school to take report card of their children. In this point of it is so much difficult to pay the tuition fee every month in the school. If parents get mobility to pay the fees then it will be really great. it can reduce their tension and also reduce the time lost. They can do their important tasks and also pay the tuition fees in no time. Just need some button click.

As we said BIDYAN is most advance school management system. So, BIDYAN makes it so easy with their Online School Payments module. Parents now pay their children through Master Card, Visa Card of any mobile banking. They just need to sign in to their parent’s panel and there they will a get an online payment option. There they just need to add their card and need to send the payment. Isn’t it so easy? It is now the most trending feature of Education Management System which on will you get in BIDYAN. School, Colleges or any Educational Institutes are accepting this because everyone needs less effort and want to get the big opportunity. And this Online School Payments gives them a full flexibility. Best Software Company Bangladesh can ensure you the best quality of BIDYAN.

Online School Payments System in BIDYAN

School Library Automation Systems in BIDYAN

School Library Automation Systems in BIDYAN

School Library Automation Systems in BIDYAN

School Library Automation Systems is the essential part of an Education Management System. When a student takes a book for School Library then the library should track the book status. If the student never gives the book back then maybe School or Educational Institute maybe never find that the book never returned. But maybe it will create a huge problem. Because books are limited and if any students don’t return the book then it will create problem to cover rest of the students with this less amount of books. The school or the educational institute will also face the financial problem. Investing money is each book multiple times it’s not good for them. So, it is most important that school keep a track record of every book. It will be beneficial for them actually.

BIDYAN has a smart school library automation system. When a students place a request for a book then librarian will take a look that has he got that book already or now. If librarian finds that he doesn’t hold that bool then the librarian can make his decision. If he or she means librarian thinks that he can give the book then the librarian will assign the book to the student with setting a expire date. The student should return the book with that time. If the student crosses the time frame then our School Management System will calculate the fine automatically with just a single click. Isn’t it so much easy? This is why BIDYAN is so much popular around the world.

DevsZone – which is best software company of Bangladesh. DevsZone can ensure that BIDYAN is the best software among all Education Management Systems in Bangladesh. BIDYAN is already popular for it’s optimized code quality and smart features. One of just mentioned above. Hope BIDYAN will full fill your all needs.

Recommend that School Library Automation Systems in BIDYAN is the BEST.
School Library Automation Systems in BIDYAN

Outsourcing Training Bangladesh

Outsourcing Training Bangladesh

Why need Outsourcing Training in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is ranked 2nd among 186 countries where online jobs are outsourced. Now Bangladesh has around 5.5 lakh freelancers registered with different freelance marketplaces. Freelance, Up-Work has 4.5 lakh registered users in Bangladesh. DevsZone provides Software Development, Web Development and Graphics Design with free Outsourcing Training in Bangladesh.

How do you benefit from Outsourcing Training in Bangladesh?

Outsourcing Training could prove very advantageous because different factors such as these help you maximize the ROI (Return on Investment) on your training.

Things you need to focus to ensure successful outsourcing of your Training needs

See that your content is ratified: Your project or training curriculum is unique to your Company evolving, your force needs to work closely with the subject matter specialist the curriculum and find their concurrence on a continuous basis. If the content is unique to your Company, Online Earning Capacity work well when your training content in particular ratified and vetted by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Directly deal with the Buyer:

I suggest to directly dealing with the Buyer than using the services.

Have a well-defined process in place:

It’s very important that you have a set procedure for notifying the Online Buyer. This is very important to ensure effective coordination and plays a key role in getting off delays as you are regularly updated about the development of the program.

If you are 100% dependable of outsourcing you must follow these: Decade of Experience, Learning Oriented versus Technology Focused, Cost – Quality Value Proposition, Strong Clientele and Reference, Project Management Experienced, Team Capability and Size,  Processes and Standardizations, Expertise in Working with Multi-cultural Teams, Licensed Software and Authoring Tools,  Access to Paid Image Bank, All are needed for online work. If you want to 100% success form Outsourcing you achieve this quality and also develop your profile.


Outsourcing Training Bangladesh

Best School Accounting System Consist in BIDYAN

best school accounting system

Best School Accounting System Consist in BIDYAN

Best School Accounting System is the must needed module of Education Management System or School Management System. Every school have different aspects of revenue and expense. Each month there are so many transactions happening in school. Students are giving their monthly fees. Fees are tuition fee, library fee, sports fee, and other fees. Some of the students may get the scholarship from the school. So, he or she will get less in tuition fee. This will go through every year or maybe partial. This must include in accounts section.

If you think about the school system before 7/8 years then I think the schools, colleges or any educational institutions couldn’t think about the Education Management Systems. Becuase at that time, this things were very difficult. Peoples didn’t so much knowledge about computer and software. Few peoples can understand about computer and software. Now things are changed. Peoples are so much advance now. They can use computers and can use al long as software. So, technology covers the school also. Schools, Colleges or any other Educational Institutions are using Education Software now. Day by day the number is increasing.

In account system what usually happens that every calculation of the institutes is possible with this software. They will just need to enter the amount and the system will automatically calculate the amount. It is so much easy task. School or educational institute can get the final balance of gross revenue or expense. So, they can maintain the everything. So, they can figure it our which giving them most profit and which one most costly. It’s a big opportunity for all the School Management for grab BIDYAN which is the cheapest and world best School Management System. You will get every module and advanced features. Less work and unlimited benefits.

So, please peoples grab yours now. You will never lose to get best school accounting system and school attendance system which is BIDYAN.

Best School Accounting System Consist in BIDYAN

School Attendance System Facts of BIDYAN | DevsZone

School Attendance System Facts of BIDYAN

School Attendance System Facts of BIDYAN | DevsZone

School Attendance System is the most vital part of Education Management System. Bidyan – will give you the most advanced school attendance system. When parents want to see that how many days his or her child attends to school. If the school doesn’t use School Management System or Education Management System then it will quite difficult to let the parent know of identity that how many days the student absent. So, nowadays educational institutes must need to use an Educational Management System or School Management System. Because it’s the most important part of Education System.

Don’t fell so tensed because BIDYAN is in town. Bidyan will give you full freedom to manage School Attendance in the easiest way. In this Education Management System, attendance device is integration is enabled. So, if your institution has attendance device then it will more easy to take attendance with it. You just need to connect your attendance device to our Education Management System and rest of the things will work automatically.

Maybe in your mind, some questions are arising that how a software can take attendance? The answer to this question is so simple. Teachers enter the classroom. Then the teacher will log in to her user panel. The teacher also can use desktop version though we also have apps for them. When students come to school they will stay in the class. After teacher will come to class and then the teacher will log in to the app or website then select the class and can take the address. The names will need to add previously. If the names are entered into the class then the names will be visible to the panel. The teacher just needs to select that the students attend or not.

So, this is how BIDYAN – Education Management Systems School Attendance works.

Best and Smart School Attendance System consist in BIDYAN.
School Attendance System Facts of BIDYAN | DevsZone

Web Design Training Bangladesh

Many institutes in this country DevsZone provide web design training Bangladesh with 100% student satisfaction.

What is website design?

Website design means planning, website creation and updating of the website. It also involves website structure, user interface, information architecture, website layout etc.

Website elements connected together form website. That means website design is perceived only visual aspect. Website design includes more abstract elements like this as ergonomics, layout traditions, usability, user habits, navigation logic and other things that simplify the using of a website and help to find information quickly.

The modern website Design involves server-side scripting like PHP, CodeIgniter, Laravel, ASP.NET etc. website visual side is defined with HTML, XML, CSS, media queries, bootstrap etc, user experience develop with dynamic JavaScript, jQuery and Ajax.

Here some skills are needed web designer:

  • UI / UX Design
  • Visual design
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Marketing and social media SEO (Search Engine Optimization),
  • Using coding web design with HTML and CSS
  • PSD design with Photoshop and Illustrator

You will also have to Study some basic programming languages, such as JavaScript, jQuery, PHP. You can learn web design from DevsZone.

Web Design Training Bangladesh

Web Developer Responsibility:

The role is responsible for planning, designing, coding and modifying the website, from layout design to function and according to a client’s specifications. Create visually appealing sites that feature user-friendly design and clear navigation.

Web Design Training Bangladesh

Software Development Training Bangladesh

DevsZone is a way proud to mention that the freelancing Software Development Training Bangladesh is global of a platform. IT has wider scope in the ensuring freelance IT Job place. These platforms are picked after a thorough research and analysis based the existing and prospective IT industry. DevsZone provides Software Development Training in the platforms such as Application Development using C# & ASP.Net, Codeigniter Training, PHP-MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX. DevsZone is software development training in Bangladesh.

Software Development Training Bangladesh

ASP.Net Freelancing Training: .Net is software development platform developed by Microsoft. Using .net there is no need to learn the new programming language. It supports 48 programming languages like as C, C++, C#, J#, VB etc.

PHP and MySql Training: PHP is open source programming language. PHP is a server-based programming language.  When students complete enough knowledge in web design, then we chose PHP-Mysql for a dynamic website.

CodeIgniter: This programming language is open-source software development PHP framework, CodeIgniter is used to Develop dynamic websites with PHP. This course we will walk you through important concepts like Classes, Sessions, MVC and Database Access,. This course comprises of clear and competent content which will help develop websites using CodeIgniter.

Software Development career: The Software Developers is the creative brain behind a computer program. Software makes the people easily work specific tasks on a computer/Tab/Mobile or another device.

Here Software Developers Duties:
Users needs analyze and then design, test, and develop software. Software Upgrades for customers existing Software and systems.Design the application or a system and plan how the user will work together.
Create a beauty of diagrams and models such as flowcharts that instruct Developers how to write software code.
Ensure the program function normally through software maintenance and testing.


Software Development Training Bangladesh