Education Management System Highly Effective 4 Characteristics

education management system

Education Management System Highly Effective 4 Characteristics

Education Management System is an important part of any educational system. Educational authorities all over the world are continuously trying to engage in various activities to efficiently manage educational functions and trying to provide the better educational experience ever to the students.  However, managing educational institutions is not an easy in this fast growing world.

Best Education Management System is BIDYAN

Education Management Systems need to perform the functions of Education Management and assure the parents that their children are safe and progress, that’s why Educational Institutions are using the education software nowadays.

Student Information

Homework, attendance, grades, discipline and achievements! Quite all the information regarding the students can access easily by using an efficient Education Management System. Teachers can also use the student database which is avail basic information of students like, address, grads and other information regarding the student medical history, billing etc and that information must be added by the Administrator.

Parent Access

Being a part of your children educational activities and always stay connected with their academic progress can be a difficult thing in this busy world nowadays. However, now it is so easy for parents with the help of Education Management System. In this system avail all the details like grad, attendance, assignment, billing quite everything. So, it helps to parents being up to date of their children records and activities also progress.

Teacher Information

An effective Education Management System is not only helping to avail student’s information but also need to provide the information regarding teachers inside the Education Management System. In this system, it is easy to view particular teachers file reports, class schedule etc. Teachers can use their database to keep their track report. They can enter their subject marks in this system. The result will be automatically calculated and stored. So, teachers will be benefited that he doesn’t need to enter the marks again.


Texting is a vital part of Education Management System. With this texting, the administrator can send a text to their parents. If they didn’t arrive school or they are absent in the class then the system will send a text to their parent’s phone number which is provided by the parents. So, this is a great feature. Students report card also can text to the parents.

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Education Management System Highly Effective 4 Characteristics

Education Management System – Bidyan | Best Education Software

Education Management System is reliable for Institutions. Nowadays internet is the most important part of our life. We are using the technology in the more robust manner now. An Education Management System is a software that helps educational stuff as well as many corporate organizations various administrative tasks which is related to registration, reporting and tracking of classes also training sessions. A system is a great platform to maintain multiple tasks and works easily 27×7.

Education Management System - Bidyan

Education Management System

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Some popular Education Management Systems include Administrator Panel, Student Panel, Teachers Panel, Parents Panel, HRM, Transportation, Exam Control, Certification and much more. This is quite a one-stop solution.

Let’s discuss the benefits of using an Education Management System.

Administrative Works
What usually do a School Management System or College Management System? They have lots of administrative work. It takes a lot of time to do this. Managing every task are also difficult. Need to take record o every action. It’s really a viral portion. But using an Education Management Systems it will be more easy to maintain the stuff. It’s very secure to keep records and anytime they can access.

Customization Features
Every School Management Software or College Management Software have individual different tasks. So, is it create any problem to use this software. The answer is no. Because Education Management Systems are fully customizable. A reputed software development company like DevsZone can develop Education Management Software based on their requirements. So, no worries with this.

Collaboration Tools
A good system must need collaboration tools like email, messaging, SMS. With this features peoples can communicate with each other. Any report can be provided to the parents. It establishes a bonding.

Parents Panel
Nowadays parents become so much worried if their child becomes to get back to home. They feel very tensed. Also, they are worried about their children attendance and result. But with Education Management System they can easily get the students results, attendance, transportation vehicles. They become more relax.

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Education Management System – Bidyan | Best Education Software

School Management System in Bangladesh

DevsZone Develop a School Management System in Bangladesh called BIDYAAN for manage your school easily.

Increasingly Educational Institutions are facing challenges in proper organised communications and maintain to all Students, Parents, Teachers, Staff and Management. With Time table, Reporting, Attendance, HRM, Examination, Hostel and Transportation data. Read more on how DevsZone’s BIDYAAN School Management System assist in achieving the desired results.

BIDYAAN School Management System is an advanced management software for school. This System is a complete hosted based solution. It has different types of users like Administrator, Teacher, Students, Parents, Accounts and Librarian. Our School Management System is All-in-One for your School. A dynamic website is integrated with this software. So you do not need to develop your website. A lot of modules are integrate in this system. SMS Module are also integrate in our system.

This School Management System is trusted as a easier School Management System in Bangladesh . Save time and money with easy-to-use software for Attendance, Scheduling, Time Table, Report Cards, Online Forms, Billing, Accounting, Web Portals, Mobile Apps, Library, Hostel, Admissions with Online Applications and Forms, Development and much more.

Modules of BIDYAAN-School Management System

  • Admission Management
  • Course/Batch Management
  • Attendance
  • Timetable
  • Examination
  • Events & Calendar
  • Reports
  • Fees
  • Internal Messaging
  • Human Resources Management
  • Transport
  • Hostel
  • Library
  • SMS
  • Student Portal
  • Teacher Portal
  • Parent Portal
  • Teacher/Staff Recruit Management (Online)

For know more information about BIDYAAN School Management System and Demo, please visit BIDYAAN’s official website.

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School Management System in Bangladesh

School Management System in Bangladesh

School Management System in Bangladesh